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Dîner en Blanc
Washington, DC

For eight  years, The Davis Group has brought together thousands of guests in our nation's capital, all dressed in their finest white outfits, dining on an array of scrumptious local cuisine and delicious wine. Each city has its own vibe. Each city reflects the diversity of its community which is the defining purpose of Dîner en Blanc.


Dîner en Blanc
New York City

New York City has celebrated nine years of Dîner en Blanc companionship. This chic picnic brings a community together to celebrate an evening of friendship and food. The beauty of the event is the spontaneous bonds that are made between perfect strangers dining alongside each other as they experience one of the city's beautiful and iconic public spaces.

Dîner en Blanc
Charleston, SC

The Lowcountry welcomed Dîner en Blanc in 2015 by bringing 1,000 guests together to celebrate the uniqueness of the city. Since then, it has grown in numbers and has been hosted in iconic sites around the city of Charleston.


Dîner en Blanc
Boston, MA

The Davis Group had the honor to bring Dîner en Blanc to Boston in 2015, 2016, and 2017.

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